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Welcome to This project was founded in 2017 with the goal of establishing a dynamic, digital repository for American spontaneous beer production. Despite this project still being in its infancy, please explore the website at your convenience. Check back often for recent changes.

We are actively recruiting authors to contribute to If you are interested in helping us grow, please contact us at

For dynamic discussion, please visit the Ambient/Spontaneous Fermentation Techniques: Exploring Local Terroir Facebook group.

Defining Spontaneous Beer[edit]

Main article: An Overview of Spontaneous Beer

Spontaneous beer is fermented by naturally occurring, ambient microflora, without active or deliberate inoculation from an established source or artificial growth medium. Specifically, spontaneous fermentation EXCLUDES commercial cultures, bottle dregs, backslopping, or seeded vessels through improper sanitation (limited as much as possible with thorough cleaning of previously-used vessels).

The most well-known example of spontaneous beer is Belgian lambic/gueuze.

  • History of Spontaneous Beer
  • Brewing Spontaneous Beer
  • Fermenting Spontaneous Beer
  • Adding Secondary Ingredients to Spontaneous Beer
  • Packaging Spontaneous Beer

Spontaneous Beer Producers (Commercial)[edit]

Spontaneous Beer Producers (Homebrew)[edit]

  • Third Leap Brewing & Blending

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